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Civil liability for drones


This insurance covers damage to people or things and economic damage arising directly from them, unintentionally caused to third parties by accidents or events related to the operations of civil aircraft piloted by remote control (drones).


If, according to current regulations governing unmanned or remotely piloted aircraft, you must have insurance that covers civil liability to third parties in accordance with the coverage limits established by the Air Navigation Act.

The drone must be identified in order to make the insurance (characteristics: dimensions, weight, radius of action, height of the flight ...), know who the owner is, who the operator is, area where it will be used and for what purpose.

No, this insurance is for remotely piloted civil aircraft with a maximum weight of 2 kg that reach a maximum height of 120m and are subject to the range of the radio station of the control station, or for in remote-controlled aircraft whose maximum take-off mass is less than 7 kg, at a maximum height above the ground not exceeding 120 m, and at a visual distance from the pilot not exceeding 500 m, according to regulations in force.

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